Try Something New in 2012 – Sauces

Try Something New in 2012 - Sauces

Bored with the daily dining dilemma of what to cook? Tired of family fussing about what you cook? Or simply looking for something new to excite your palate? Well try sauces! A new sauce can transform your dinner into something new and delicious! Sauces are liquid preparations served with food, usually savoury dishes, to add moistness and flavour and visual appeal to a dish. But a sauce can turn a simple dish such as a curry, stir-fry, vegetables and meats into something extraordinary.
Our shelves are brimming with a selection of sauces from around the world. Travel the world with different sauces everyday; an exotic Tagine one night, a hearty BBQ on another, a spicy stir-fry for an interesting lunch….
You no longer have to go out to eat well. Gourmet meals are to hand right in your home with fresh good quality ingredients handpicked and speedily cooked by you. Delicious and quick!
Our Al Fez range of Tagine sauces are perfectly balanced to give your dish a Moroccan flavour. Stir up a quick tagine with the Sundried Tomato & Cinnamon or Honey & Almond Tagine Sauce, served on a bed of couscous for dinner that will also make a good tiffin option the next day. Use Blue Dragon stir fry sauces and shots for quick weekday stir-fry options with steamed rice or noodles. We recommend the Spicy Satay Shot, Chilli Coconut Shot and Teriyaki Stir Fry Sachets. For a more hearty meal, fire up your grill and use our range of BBQ sauces to marinate and baste meats as they cook.
Add variety to your daily meals with a simple twist of a bottle or by simply opening a sachet.

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