Wine and cheese, a match made in heaven

Cheese and wine? It’s not only a match made in heaven but also an art form. Just as the right cheese brings out the subtle flavours in a good wine, an acidic wine can make a bite of cheese more delicious!

Wine and cheese is one of the most refined yet simple gourmet pleasures. It is also considered as life’s two greatest culinary pleasures and finding a perfect match can be a delicious endeavour. While pairing your cheese, always remember that it belongs to a specific category and style. Her are a few pairings that wine enthusiasts would generally agree with –

White wine and cheese

White wines pair with a much wider array of cheese than red wines. They are devoid of tannin, making it easy to match them. Blue cheese would be the only one cheese that does not pair with whites.  Here are a few pairings to consider- Sauvignon blanc & goat cheese, Riesling & fondue, Champagne & brie.

Bold red wine and cheese

Here, the cheese will be best enjoyed in small bite-sized pieces over a grilled bread. This wine tastes extremely good when matched with a cheese that’s a bit salty and firm or maybe with tyrosine crystals. Aged cheddars and peppery cheese are recommended. Here are a few pairings to consider – Cabernet sauvignon & bandage-wrapped cheddar, Shiraz & smoked gouda.

Dessert wine and cheese

This cheese course is usually served at the end of a dinner (even after dessert).  This pairing is one of the most inspired in the world and it can even transform the pungent blue cheese when paired with a vintage port. Vintage port & stilton is the best known match.
Apart from these, triple cream cheese and lush wine also work well. An acidic wine cuts down the sweetness of a cheese. If you have never tried cheese and wine we would recommend you to experiment by tasting the cheese first to get a sense of its character, then taste some wine along with your second bite to see how they pair. Many enthusiasts say that white tends to pair better with cheese, but pairing with red is still possible.

Preparing for a wine and cheese party

Throwing a wine and cheese party is one of the best ways to taste a variety of pairings. All you have to do is, go to a Nature’s Basket store and purchase different kinds of cheese and discuss the plan with your cheesemonger friends. You should also purchase a nifty slate cheese tray or cheese place cards which allows you to etch cheese names in chalk. Most importantly, be sure about the cheese and wine that you serve, it needs to be at suitable temperatures for the flavours to merge. Cheese and wine enthusiasts recommend red wine at 60°F and white at 45°F. Cheese should be removed from the fridge 30 to 60 minutes prior to the serving.

Visit a Nature’s Basket store near you or log on to for some wine and cheese options! It’s the best way to end your day!

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