The Raksha Bandhan Dessert Special

We may fight with them, gobble up all their chocolates secretly, sneak their clothes away when we have a party to attend but at the end, we love them because they are the ones who truly have our back no matter what. So, let’s dedicate a day to celebrate this unique brother-sister relationship! With Raksha Bandhan just around the corner, we have some lip-smacking delicious desserts that are some of our personal favourites. Whip these up in no time and watch your sibling relish these mouth-watering Indian sweet treats!

Gulab Jamun

A classic Indian treat, Gulab jamun is a must have dessert for any Indian festival. Soft, sweet and supple, they are utterly irresistible and surprisingly easy to cook! Instead of relying on the halwai, why not surprise your sibling with this homecooked culinary delight?

Ingredients :

Instructions : 

1.Mix the flour and khoya well in a bowl and make round balls from this this mixture.

2. Use ½ a litre of water with 3 Tbsp. of sugar to make a sugar syrup and add a pinch of saffron.

3. Deep fry the gulab jamun in a pan with oil.

4. Add the hot gulab jamuns into the sugar syrup and serve hot

Pistachio Phirni

Made from rice, milk and sugar, Pistachio Phirni has a wonderful creamy texture which is why it’s such a popular north Indian dessert. Make sure to nicely chill it before you serve it and trust us, all your family members will be raving about your gourmet cooking skills!

Ingredients :


1.Mix the sugar and the milk and boil it.

2. Add rice flour to the mixture.

3. Cook this mixture on a slow fire till the mixture becomes thick and runny batter .     

4. Add cardamom powder and pistachio to this batter.     

5. Cook the whole mixture till it becomes smooth.

6. Pour the mixture into glasses or mud pots, let it cool for an hour before serving.

Kaju Ki Barfi

A glimmering, silver-coated dessert for your one-of-a-kind, special sibling! Made from cashew nuts and milk, kaju ki barfi is our eternal favourite. Make these little treats of joy for your sibling for an unforgettable Raksha Bandhan dinner!

Ingredients :


1.Mix the cashews and milk in a blender to make a fine paste

2. Mix the paste and sugar, cooking over a low heat till the sugar dissolves then boil it

3. Continue stirring over medium heat till the mixture leaves the side of the pan and becomes a dough like paste

4. Take it off the heat and when cool enough to handle roll it over a greased surface with a greased  rolling pin (roll it before it cools) to ¼ cm thickness

5. Now cover with the silver leaf and leave to cool, then cut into diamond shaped piece

All set to be the star chef this Raksha Bandhan? Get your ingredientshere. Looking for more fun ideas for Raksha Bandhan? Check out this Berry delicious ice cream shortcake.

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