The Great Summer Cooler Fest

We like to think of summer drinks as something light, sipped on a sunny patio at a party. But the fact of the matter remains that summers in India are brutal and the body needs a near constant supply of water and liquids to function optimally. So whether they are simple infused waters, colourful mocktails, refreshing juices or thick smoothies, it’s crucial that every kitchen and fridge is well-stocked with beverages to keep yourself and your loved ones hydrated and happy. And this is what the Summer Cooler fest is all about, with exciting offers and cool deals on a wideassortment of thirst quenchers. So, come on down to any of our stores or log into our online store from the comfort of your home and pick up your favourite beverage. Or let this fest be an opportunity to try something new this season.

Water All The Way

The easiest and simplest way to remain healthy and refreshed is to consume plenty of water. Qua bottles natural mineral water at the foothills of the Himalayas that replenishes the body’s balance. For a sparkling thirst quencher, try Perrier water in its distinctive green bottles.

Fruity Fun

For instance, the fruit beverages by O’cean and Wild Water are excellent ways to beat the boredom of gulping plain, flavourless water all day. These waters are fortified with minerals and vitamins with options of apple, guava, mango+passion fruit, and are free from artificial chemicals or preservatives. Hand the kids a bottle of Fruitshoot juices and let them keep playing all day long. These tasty juices come in a handy bottle with a sipper for hydration on-the-go.

Summer Nostalgia

The summer always brings to mind the carefree vacations of childhood and the traditional drinks grandma would make. Paper Boat keeps those memories alive with their delightful range of beverages like kala khatta, aam panna, jaljeera, aamras, and kokum, in easy to carry pouches. Sip on these delicious beverages and enjoy a walk down memory lane.

Colourful Coolers

Basil seeds are known to be incredibly cooling. An interesting trend in beverages today is by American Style where basil seeds are added into fruit juices; the seeds absorb the liquid and become plump which provides a wonderful texture to the drink.

Morning Refreshment

Need your morning shot of caffeine to begin the day? Don’t let the heat keep you from enjoying your daily coffee. Cold coffee is the way to go with delicious vanilla or hazelnut flavours by DropKaffe. You can also opt for a vegan beverage with Staeta’s creamy almond milk in your morning smoothies or with cereal or to make a cooling Mexican horchata.

Cold Pressed Joy

If hydration combined with health is your goal, cold pressed juices like Raw Pressery or Jus Divine are the way to go. These colourful bottles are full of the natural goodness of fresh produce. Extracted and bottled under intense hydraulic pressure, these juices are free from artificial preservatives and chemicals. Each thick drink or smoothie is tailored to meet specific health goals. With such a wide array of coolers, everyone will be spoiled for choice. Did this post cover your favourite beverage?  Tell us in the comments below: what are you looking forward to in the Great Summer Cooler Fest?                                                                                                        

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