The Best Way To Be Cheesy

Looking to buy gourmet cheese but baffled by the overwhelming variety of options? Don’t worry, we have your back. Just smile and say cheese! Some of the best ways to use cheese in everyday cooking are to whip a simple yet scrumptious grilled cheese sandwich or dig into a creamy parmesan pesto. Got a  sweet tooth? Then, you know a blueberry cheesecake can fulfill all your dessert cravings! Incorporate cheese in your desserts and sandwiches to give your taste buds a cheesy surprise!
Cheese is believed to have its origin almost 4,000 years ago and spread because of the Romans. There are almost 1800 varieties of cheese available in the world. Since we cannot possibly reminisce about all of them, lets divide and conquer. Cheese, based on its texture and moisture content, can be divided into 6 main types.  

Semi-Soft Chees

Semisoft cheeses are the ones that have a high moisture content, but not as high as soft cheese. They melt easily and are great for eating right out of your hand. Common examples are Gouda, Havarti, Stilton and Monterey Jack.

Firm Cheese

Characterized by a 40% to 50% moisture level, this type is known as our go-to sandwich cheese. This category is defined by the most famous cheese in the world – cheddar.

Hard Cheese

This category of cheese is aged and known to have prominent flavours. Some common examples are Parmesan, Asiago. These cheeses are great for grating purposes!

Fresh Cheese

This type of cheese is made by just letting the milk curdle on its own. The cheeses are super creamy, liquid and with a moisture content of more than 60%. Common examples are feta, ricotta, and even fresh mozzarella.

Blue Cheese

Picture Courtesyy:  Lovin Dublin

Even though blue is not given the credit it should be, it is here to stay. Blue cheese is characterized by the blue mold or the blue veins. Danish blue cheese is popular in this category.

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types of cheese.

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