Ways To Re-Use Leftover Rice

Ways To Re-Use Leftover Rice

Leftover rice can be found as a staple in many of our households. This is an ingredient which is easy to incorporate in most of the meals and should never been thrown away just because of spillage. Besides, why throw something away when it can be reused to make some yummy dishes later?

Scroll down to find out just how you can save the leftover rice to make delicious recipes!

1. Salad


Amp up a salad by adding some leftover rice to it. Be it taco salads, Cobb salads or even a regular one, adding some rice will make the dish more special and you will be surprised how yummy it will taste. If you add some meat to it then the dish will the salad into an entrée.

2. Stuffed Capsicum

Stuffed Capsicum

If you want to whip up something yummy in a jiffy, then this is the dish to prepare. Simply take off the top of any capsicum of your choice, red, yellow or green and cook them in an oven or over a grill. Sauté some onions and tomatoes and squash them to the rice. Mix it up well and add the mixture to your cooked capsicum.

3. Fried Rice

Fried Rice

Curb your dinner cravings by making this easy egg fried rice mug recipe. No more worrying about goopy rice or getting the water measurement wrong. With the goodness of eggs giving you your protein power and the leftover rice fulfilling your fiber needs, this is a wholesome meal that takes barely any time to cook.

4. Burritos


While rice is a staple in many Mexican dishes, leftover rice makes as excellent burrito ingredient. The rice blended with some cheese, beans and tomatoes will just make your taste bud explode. So next time you are craving some Mexican cuisine, make this one up in no time!

5. Pancakes


Another way to use the leftover the rice to make some pancakes out of it. Simply mix the rice with an egg and add some yummy flavouring such as cinnamon and vanilla and cook it in a skillet. There, would you believe how delicious the rice pancakes are!

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