The 5 Best Wines To Celebrate with Your Loved One

If you and your loved are a wine fanatic, then this post is for you! If you are looking for some of the best wines to celebrate with your loved ones and family, you have come to the right place. It’s never too late to pop open a bottle of red to celebrate any occasion. We at Nature’s Basket have brought to you our top 5 best wines that you can enjoy with your loved one!

  1. Sula Satori Red Wine

If you are looking for a bottle of wine that is on the less expensive side, this Sula Satori Red Wine is a great choice. Sula Satori red wine is a medium-bodied dry red wine with hints of black cherries and ripe red fruit. It is a well structured, easy-drinking wine that is smooth on the palate. Satori” is a Zen term meaning “sudden enlightenment”. Pair this wine with meat or spicy meals to fully experience the best it has to offer. Serve when slightly chilled.

2. Grover AC Shiraz Red Wine

The Grover AC Shiraz red wine is a blend is an intense wine with a powerful and structured mouth-feel. It has delicate spice aromas of cherry, violet and cocoa which go well with grilled meats, kebabs and delicately spiced food. 

3. Marques Rioja Red Wine

Marques Rioja red wine is based on the quality of its Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva wines. We at Nature’s Basket have this great wine in tune with the times whose structure, fruity notes and power, along with its elegance. If you love a fruity note wine, then you might like this.

4. Sula Chenin Blanc

Sula Chenin Blanc is said to be India’s best-selling white wine. It is a refreshing, light, semi-dry wine bursting with tropical fruits like pineapple, pear and green apple. It is also the perfect aperitif wine.

5. Sula Dindori

Beautifully aromatic, nicely balanced and well-structured, this intense Viognier is a wine showcasing lychee, apricot and peach notes. This wine is also considered one of India’s favourite Viognier!

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