4 Party Food Ideas With Cold Cuts

We say cold cuts, you say sandwiches? Think again! Your leftover luncheon meat is good for more than just a quick salami sandwich. How about whipping up some scrumptious new meaty delights appetizers for that party you have been planning? Indulge your guests in some bacon-wrapped treats or a cold cuts platter paired with some new and exciting flavours. There are loads of mouthwatering ways to create quick and easy party snacks with these cold cuts appetizers using cold cuts and we are here to show you how.

1. Hawaiian Tortilla Roll Ups

Bring a Hawaiian twist to your casual weekend get together with this exotic tropical delicacy! Bite into layers of cream cheese, pineapple, and some flavourful ham. This is an easy, sweet, and savory party appetizer that you can whip in just a few minutes. Amaze your guests with your gourmet culinary skills.


• 4 12″ tortillas
• 225 grams of cream cheese, softened
• ½ can of pineapple slices, all liquid drained
• 2 spring onions
• 12-16 slices of thinly sliced ham


1.Combine the softened cream cheese, pineapple, and spring onions in a medium bowl. Stir until everything is well combined.
2.Spread ¼ of the cream cheese mixture on each tortilla to cover it evenly.
3.On top of the cheese, place a layer of ham (approx. 3-4 slices)
4.Roll the tortilla up gently but firmly, then use a serrated knife to cut the roll into 6 slices.
5.Serve immediately.

2. Bacon Wrapped Scallops

A bacon wrapped seafood delight that will leave your guests wanting for more! These crispy, succulent scallops can be served as the perfect party food and will certainly blow your taste buds away.


• 12 large scallops, cut in half
• 12 pieces of bacon, cut in half
garlic powder
teriyaki sauce
cayenne pepper
Healthy Alternatives Pure Olive Oil


1. Cut large scallops in half. Wrap each scallop in half a strip of bacon and secure them with a wooden toothpick. (Smaller scallops may be left whole).
2. Brush them lightly with olive oil and sprinkle teriyaki sauce on both sides. Dust them lightly with garlic powder and a pinch of cayenne pepper.
3. Place them in a baking dish and bake at 425°F, turning once for 20 to 30 minutes or until they are done.
4.Serve them with sweet and sour sauce.

3. Ham And Pineapple Skewers

Pair juicy pineapple slices paired with the meaty delights of honey roasted ham and your palette will thank you for it. Whip this cold cut marvel appetizer in under 15 minutes!


• 1 pound honey roasted ham, thinly sliced
• 1 pineapple, peeled and cut into 20 long spears
• 2 tablespoons of Healthy Alternatives Pure Olive Oil
• 2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar
• 3 inner celery stalks, cut into 3-inch pieces (optional)


1. Fold each slice of ham in half and wrap it around the center of a pineapple spear.
2. Heat 1 tablespoon of the oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium heat. Place 10 of the wrapped pineapple spears in the pan. Sear on each side until they are golden, about 2 minutes.
3. Drizzle 1 tablespoon of the vinegar over the pineapple spears and cook them until the vinegar bubbles up and thickens slightly, about 1 minute.
4. Transfer them to a plate and cover them with foil while repeating the cooking instructions with the remaining ingredients. Serve them with the celery stalks, if desired.

4. Cold Cuts à la Sushi

For a truly fancy party appetizer, this sushi-inspired dish is a marvel to bite into! Snack on these scrumptious cold cut rolls at your next wine tasting party along with a decadent meat and cheese platter.


• 2 cups of sushi rice, hot & cooked
• 1 Tbsp. rice vinegar
• 1/4 cup of cream cheese spread
• 2 sheets of nori (dried seaweed)
• 8 lettuce leaves
Cheddar cheese, sliced
• 8 slices of pork herb salami
• 2 cherry tomatoes, seeded, cut into thin strips
• 2 slices cooked bacon, crumbled
• 12 slices of chicken breast


1. Use a moistened spatula to mix the rice and the vinegar until they blend. Let it cool slightly.
2. Spoon the cream cheese spread into a pastry bag fitted with a plain tip. Place 1 nori sheet, shiny side down, on a plastic wrap-covered bamboo sushi mat. Use moistened fingers to pat half of the rice mixture evenly onto the nori. Top with half of each of the remaining ingredients, trimming as necessary to fit the nori sheet.
3. Pipe the cream cheese spread into horizontal lines across the topped nori sheet. Use the mat to tightly roll up the nori sheet while firmly pressing as it is rolled. Use the mat to turn and squeeze the roll-up into a round sushi roll.
4. Repeat the process with the second nori sheet and the remaining ingredients to make second sushi roll. Use a sharp knife to cut each roll into 8 pieces.

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