Are You Grilling Your Meat The Right Way?

Are You Grilling Your Meat The Right Way

Grilling meat the right way can be a task, especially achieving that perfect colour. Different kinds of meats require different types of efforts and steps which can be quite overwhelming. We came up with few simple tips and tricks that will help you in grilling your meat the perfect way!

1. Chicken


Whether a barbecue blowout or a simple weekly dinner, Grilled chicken makes the perfect scrumptious meal. While you can just slap some pieces onto the grill, there are a few tips to keep in mind that will yield perfectly grilled chicken every time.

● Pick the right cut and pound the boneless and skinless chicken.
● Add flavours before you grill i.e. marinade your chicken properly before grilling.
● It is wise to cook this meat over medium heat.
● Don’t forget to cover the grill!

2. Fish


We all know that seafood seems to be one of the most intimidating foods to grill. Fish tends to be delicate and seemingly hard to manoeuvre without mishaps. But don’t you worry, with few of these tricks you will master the art of cooking this delectable food just the right way!

● Keep the skin on of the fish.
● Steam the fish by cooking it in a packet. Instead of placing the fish directly on the grill, put it in between sheets of foil.
● Use a plank instead of plates, it will be much easier.
● Use a skewer or a basket to cook.

3. Steak


Oh, the feeling of biting into that perfect well-cooked steak! Different people have different preferences when it comes to steaks, while some like it medium rare others like to go for well-done. But no one likes an undercooked one and we will guide you just how you can achieve that perfectly done steak.

● Temper the meat by putting it at room temperature at least 30-40 minutes before cooking.
● Salt the meat half an hour prior to dissolving the moisture.
● Prepare the grill well by oiling the plates generously and heat it up.
● After searing both sides, slide the steak to a not-so-hot part of the grill and finish cooking.
● Remember time and temperature are crucial so you can keep a thermometer handy to help you with the same.

Did you know that marinating the meat is one of the most crucial steps since it builds in the flavour? Your Guide To Tasty Meat Marinades will help you whip some amazing marinating tricks!

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