Let’s talk about ice creams

You may be a sweet tooth or a spicy nut but we can assure you that you will be screaming for this dessert by the end of this article. So, sit back and relax as we take you around the world of ice creams.

Japan’s Mochi Ice Cream

From the land of sushi comes a sticky sweet treat full of sundry flavors in every single bite. A layer of pounded sticky rice or mocha coats the creamy ice cream inside for a candied culinary delight.

Dondurma From Turkey

A scoop with a side of entertainment! The local sellers from Turkey enjoy amusing the crowd by passing the scoop of this stretchy ice cream from cone to cone. The secret to its docile texture lies in the mastic and salep it is packed with.

Granita From Sicily

Think of it as a Greek God version of the snow cone. This sweet icy concoction from Sicily is chilled, creamy, slushy and everything you could hope for on a hot summer afternoon.

Mexican Paletas

These fruity ice pops from Mexico or Paletas are a refreshing jolt to your palette. They may be watery and juicy or creamy and milky. All Paletas come in bright colours and interesting sweet & spicy combinations like mango-chile and cucumber lime. Which flavor do your taste buds prefer?

Thai Rolled Ice Cream

Rolls of ice cream? More like rolls of candy-coated joy! In Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and the Philippines, ice cream is served in little rolls garnished with all kinds of toppings from coconut to toasted marshmallows to gummy bears and hot fudge.

Tempted to get on a plane right now and taste some of these ice creams yourself? Let us suggest an easier alternative. Shop online or find the nearest store. Click here.

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