Late Night Munchies That Don’t Make You Fat

It’s 11pm and you’re watching TV. A fast-food commercial comes on and WHAM! It hits you. An appalling and almost irresistible craving for something delicious. So you just rummage through your kitchen, but find only junk y food to munch on. We suggest you try our Healthy Alternatives snacks which are healthy as well as delicious.

Instead of bingeing on buttery popcorn, grab a handful of our snacks and munch guilt-free.

1)Makhana Pops also known as Lotus Seeds, which are high in anti-oxidants. Makhanas are nutritious and come in a variety of tangy flavours such as Masala, Cheese and Pepper. They are light, tasty and healthy snacks which will come in handy as great alternatives to those late-night cravings.
2) Protein rich Healthy Alternatives Chana Dal works as a great substitute for fried snacks. Made from roasted chana, this snack provides you with high quality nourishment without compromising on taste. Now enjoy this late night snack in flavors such as Chilly Lime and Masala.
3) High in fiber, Healthy Alternatives Soya Nuts are perfect to munch on. Packaged with care, they are made from soya bean, soya bean refined oil, common salt, and garlic. They come in two flavours – Roasted Garlic and Roasted Tomato & Mint.

Got a sweet tooth? We’ve got a solution which even your dietitian wouldn’t mind. Eat guilt free with our Healthy Alternatives range of Black Currants and Saudi Dates that are good for your bones and also your heart.

So enjoy your late night movies and munch all night with a simple substitute of your fried snacks range.

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