Kids’ morning toast food art

Tired of running behind your kids to make sure they have a healthy start to the morning? How about giving their morning toasts a fun spin? These toasts are every kid’s favourite cartoons come to life! And the best part is that they are packed with nutrition.
Engage your children in making these cute sandwiches for a parent-child bonding afternoon and see how much fun they have.

Protein packed Peanut bunny

For this toast you will need:

• L’Exclusif whole wheat bread
• Healthy Alternatives Peanut butter
• Banana
• Alphonsos
 Healthy Alternatives floral honey

Spread our Healthy Alternative Peanut butter on a toasted slice of the bread. Add banana slices as cheeks and blueberries as eyes to our breakfast bunny. Get our handpicked Alphonsos to make the ears and nose. Drizzle a little bit of the honey for a sweet taste.  Serve with fruit cutouts and we are sure your little one is going to love it.

Mr Wise owl toast

“As wise as an owl” is a saying we have always heard and also that almonds help us improve memory. But what is wise is to have a breakfast as healthy as possible. Make a wise owl toast for your little one with these easy


• Sourdough bread
• Almond butter
• Apples

Take our sourdough bread and cut out the top as shown in the picture. With a unique tangy taste, this bread is easy to digest and is nothing but good for your little one. Spread Healthy Alternative’s almond butter, with cutouts of apples in a circle, make eyes and using two semi-circles make the wings of the owl. You can use any seeds or nuts for the detailing of eyes and nose. This toast is an all-good toast for your little one.

Use your creativity and experiment. You can also use a chocolate spread instead of almond butter.

Funny carrot faces toast

For this toast, you will need:

• Philadelphia cream cheese
 L’Exclusif bread
• Carrots
• Basil

Spread the cream cheese on a slice of our L’Exclusif bread. Grate carrots and top it with the cream cheese. Use little balls of cheese and chia seeds for detailing and a choice of greens to make the stem. Carrots are good for your little ones I sight and a hearty serving of cream cheese is sure to keep him full for a while.

Here are a few more inspirations for your Kid’s morning toast:

For the fox toast, you will need Ricotta, mango slices, banana, and grapes.

For the bird inspired toast, you will need L’Exclusif’s Baguette, cream cheese, strawberry and kiwi slices, grapes.

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