IPL Season is back again!

IPL Season is back again!

There is a new epidemic hitting the country; the IPL is back! This time every year the nation is glued to their TV screens as they root for their favorite teams to win in bars and restaurants with some beer and food.

This year avoid the crowds and throw magnificent IPL parties at your own house. Simply grill up some of our sausages and other cold cuts with our ready marinades or fry our ready to eat frozen snacks and serve or for those who prefer to not make a big effort we have a variety of crisps, chips and dips all washed down with your favorite beer from our stores.

This IPL season just sit back and enjoy the matches with your friends and family and allow us to provide the refreshment. Choose from a variety of gourmet snacks and an international selection of beers from our stores and have an IPL worthy party without any trouble. Send us some delicious ideas for quick IPL themed snacks using ingredients from our stores and you may win a six pack of beer this IPL season

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