How to make home style Hot Chocolate

There is nothing better than a big cup of hot chocolate on a lazy winter morning. It completes the scene of you sitting by the window reading a good book and sipping the most delicious drink! Here’s a quick recipe to make your own cup of Hot Chocolate and start your day on a happy note.


• 2 cups of milk (for vegans, use Almond or Soy Milk)
• 100gms L’Exclusif Dark Chocolate bar
• 2 teaspoons of powdered Sugar
• A pinch of cinnamon


1.Finely chop the chocolate bar into small pieces.
2.Heat the milk in a bowl on low heat. Whisk in short intervals so that the milk doesn’t stick to the bottom of the bowl.
3.Add the Chocolate, powdered sugar and cinnamon to the milk and whisk vigorously till the chocolate melts.
4.Heat for another 4-5 minutes while whisking continuously.
5.Pour the Hot Chocolate into a mug
6.Take the marshmallow and roast it on low heat till you can see it caramelize.
7.Dip the marshmallows in your Hot Chocolate and enjoy.

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