Get Crabby for Dinner with These Mouth-watering Crab Dishes

In today’s scenario, dining out is not an option. But what if we tell you, that you could indulge in restaurant-quality seafood from the comfort of your own home? You read that right! Prepare these scrumptious and easy crab dishes and buy your favourite seafood online at Nature’s 

1. Crab Masala Fry



  1. Add one tablespoon of oil to a deep vessel and heat it
  2. Once the oil is heated, add one tablespoon of the minced onions and the ginger, garlic, cumin seeds, chilli, coriander seeds, cloves and peppercorns
  3. Stir continuously for 5 minutes or until the spices become aromatic
  4. Remove from heat and stir in the fennel seeds
  5. In a blender, grind the mixture to achieve a fine paste 
  6. Now, cook it over a medium flame until it starts to simmer
  7. Add the leftover onions and fry until it starts to brown
  8. Incorporate the tomato puree and bring the mixture to a boil before leaving it to simmer for 5 minutes
  9. To this, mix in the turmeric powder and paste
  10. Cook until the oil starts to separate from the mixture. You can add a little bit of water if the paste becomes too dry 
  11. Now, add the crab to the mixture, cover it and cook it for five long minutes. Pull out the cover and cook the food for another 10 minutes while constantly stirring. Ensure the gravy completely covers the crab
  12. Garnish with some coriander leaves and serve some bread or rice. Enjoy!

2. Crab Cakes



1. To prepare the crab meat, in a large thick bottomed vessel, pour ample of water for the crabs to soak in 

2. Bring the water to a boil and add in the crabs. Allow the crabs to cook for at least 8 minutes 

3. Once the crabs and cooked and brought down to room temperature, separate the meat from the crab shells 

4. Now, in a mixing bowl add in all the ingredients except the olive oil 

5. After all the ingredients are thoroughly combined, separate the mixture into medium-size balls and create patties from them by patting down the balls in your palm

6. Heat the olive oil in a pan and fry the patties for 5 minutes on each side or until golden brown

7. Serve hot!

3. Crab and Avocado Rolls



1. In a large bowl, add the celery, tarragon, lemon juice and mayonnaise. Sprinkle salt and pepper on it and mix all the ingredients

2. To the mixture, add the crab meat and avocado. Fold it in gently. Try to keep the crab meat intact

3. Slice the roll in the middle like you would with a hot dog bun and slather in some butter 

4. Toast the bread with the buttered portion facing the pan

5. Now, fill the bread with the crab meat and avocado mixture and enjoy with your favourite dip! 

4. Crab Cacio E Pepe



1. In a bowl, place the pecorino and whisk in the water one tablespoon at a time

2. To a vessel, add some water and heat until boiling. Place the spaghetti in the water and cook until al dante. Save one cup of the water and drain the rest

3. Add the pepper and olive oil to a pan and fry

4. To this, add the spaghetti and cook for 5 minutes. Add the crab meat in and gently fold it in

5.  Serve hot!

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