Delicious Summer Super Fruits You Should Not Miss Out

Delicious Summer Super Fruits You Should Not Miss Out

This blazing heat, sweaty bodies and insane dehydration, means summer is finally here! With the temperature reaching the skies as each day passes it is essential to keep our bodies hydrated or we can suffer serious consequences! As summer is here so are the summer Super fruits! Let us introduce you to these 5 summer super fruits which are super beneficial for you. Read on to grab yourself one of these.

1. Jackfruit


Meet the most exotic fruit from the tropical regions of the world – Jackfruit! It is originated from south India and is famous worldwide. Jackfruit contains a wealth of antioxidants, these antioxidants fight off early signs of aging and strengthens your defense against common infections and diseases. Consuming jackfruit can give you a sudden boost of energy, it is extremely helpful if you’re on a weight loss spree.

It contains a good amount of carbohydrates without any fat. If you have diabetes you can consume jackfruit without having to worry about hyperglycemia. Jackfruit is also extremely high in dietary fiber which improves digestion and prevents constipation.

Did you know Jackfruit is good for the eyes? Jackfruit contains vitamin A and some carotenoid antioxidants which are essential to the good health of your eyes.

Air pollution can easily trigger asthma, especially when you have a weak immune system. Inhaling the steam of boiled jackfruit can help alleviate symptoms of asthma.

2. Black Plum (Jamun)

Black Plum (Jamun)

Do you also check your tongue after eating Black Plum to see if it’s purple? Of course, you do! Who doesn’t? Gorging on sweet and sour Black Plum’s on parched summer days is an absolute joy! This purple coloured olive-like fruit is widely available only in summers. It is also referred as Indian blackberry but do you know how beneficial is this Indian blackberry? They contain several nutrients and vitamins that help you fight various diseases like cancer, diabetes, infections and liver problems.

They can be consumed as a perfect healthy snack as they are low in calories. Black Plum’s also promotes bowel movements which aid in digestion.

3. Ice Apple

Ice Apple

Ice apples are fleshy and juicy fruits of sugar palm tree available across the coastal regions of India during summer. They are translucent and pale white in colour and resembles litchi in texture. One of the most fascinating benefits of Ice apple or tadgola is that it contains a lot of water which aids to keep your tummy full and aids in weight loss naturally.

Consuming this summer super fruit can keep away the heat strokes by adding it to your daily diet.

4. Figs


This summer super fruit is sweet and extremely soft in texture with multiple seeds. Figs can be consumed ripe or dried. The dried form of fig is available all year round but the fresh one is only available during summer. They are rich in fiber, manganese, Vitamin B6, potassium and calcium. The fiber in the figs helps you reduce weight; a few figs are adequate to get the recommended amount of nutrients.

5. Tender coconut

Tender coconut

Tender coconut is extremely refreshing super fruit which is available all year round. Its flesh is soft, rich in flavour. It is a form of healthy fats which your body needs. Coconut water and tender coconut are both high in potassium and should be consumed all year round but especially in summers! As they keep you hydrated and healthy.

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