Does Your Toddler Throw Tantrums Over Meat

We all know how difficult it is to feed proteins to kids when all they want to do is a snack on fries and ketchup. Don’t stress! Read on to find out how to include healthy alternatives in your little one’s diet!

1. Play With Poultry

Be super smart while including poultry products like eggs, milk, cheese, and chicken in your kid’s meals! You can be creative with eggs by using them in gravies or sauces along with potatoes or homemade mayonnaise.

2. Finger Foods

Kids love food that is easy to eat and involves sauces and dips! Finger foods like fish sticks, skewers, will definitely make your kid reach their required protein intake. Keep in mind that all these dishes need to be bite sized and flattened. Children do not like thick meat, as it takes too long to chew.

3. Pasta

Rethink pasta as a healthy option if you want your kid to eat healthier! Whole wheat pasta is available in the market, and you can be super creative with the recipe to make a protein-packed pasta.
Add ingredients like cottage cheese, meatballs, pork chops, stir fried chicken, veggies, tuna or go for meat sauces like Bolognese, meatballs, to disguise the protein in a delicious and fun way. As long as it tastes like pasta, your kid will not complain!

4. Soup It

Does your kid gag at the sight of vegetables and beans? Don’t worry, you can simply slip all these things into their soups! Grind them up into a puree, and mix them in your child’s favourite soup.  Make a healthy bowl of some hot, piping chicken soup loaded with extra veggies for a hearty meal that your kid will relish in seconds!

5. Seafood Deserves Attention

Seafood is the ultimate source of protein and vitamins. Include this in your kid’s diet by using it in sandwiches, nuggets, dips (tuna dips), pasta, pizzas and what not! Go crazy with scallops and squid rings and your little picky eater will love it.

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