Have You Tried The Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Yet?

Have You Tried The Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Yet

In this country, most of us are obsessed with tea. Be it the cutting chai on a rainy day or that compulsory cup of green tea once a day.  It’s almost like an addiction since tea lifts our mood and comforts us during gloomy times, tea is that best friend who is always there for us. So when we heard there is this one electric-blue tea which is trending off late, we got curious to find out just why!

So, what is Butterfly Pea Flower Tea?

Hailing mostly from South-Asian countries, it is said to be a caffeine-free herbal tea. It is derived from a plant called Clitoria Ternatea and is a rare concoction.  This blue butterfly pea tea is also called Anchan Tea, Color Changing Tea, Clitoria Tea, Thai Blue Tea, Blue Tea, Blue Chai and Aparajita Tea.

Making Life More Colourful

Colours definitely add more zest to life and so does this tea! It can go from being electric blue to calming purple in seconds! The moment you add a dash of lemon juice, the pH balance of the tea changes, and hence the colour does too. If you add fuchsia roselle hibiscus, the blue will transform into red.

But what does this flowery tea taste like?

Similar to a fine green tea, the flavour of the butterfly pea flower tea is earthy and woody but when brewed with lemongrass, you can add sweetness to it.

Why Should You Choose This Over Others?

Not yet convinced? There are many health benefits also which this tea boasts about, let’s look into some.

  1. Forever Young

Since it is abundant in antioxidants, this tea is great for your skin and hair, as well as for reducing the risk of cell damage. It further keeps skin and hair from ageing prematurely.

  1. Keeps Insulin away

The Clitoria Ternatea leaves are known to lower blood sugar levels in diabetics. It is said to obstruct glucose intake from food.

  1. Keeps Redness At Bay

If you are suffering from any inflammations, consuming a cup of this magic tea will bring down both the pain and inflammation as this tea is shown to possess anti-inflammatory properties.

  1. Keeps You Sane

Since ancient times, this tea was used to reduce stress and anxiety. It helps you to relax and get a good night’s rest.

  1. Helps You Breathe!

This plant decoction is usually given to treat respiratory problems like cold, cough and fever. It has amazing bronchodilation properties and hence can be given to people suffering from asthma.

How To Consume This Magic Elixir

There are so many ways to consume this tea, some of which we have jotted down for you.

  1. Iced Tea

Serve the butterfly pea flower tea chilled as an iced tea just the way they do in Thailand. Just add some honey and lemon juice over ice and serve with a straw.

  1. Hot Tea

Brew it like regular hot tea especially during monsoons!

  1. Lattes

Want to make your regular coffee cool? Add some butterfly tea powder and create cool artwork in your latte mug!

  1. Cocktails

This is gaining momentum as bartenders across the world are adding this flowery magic to vodka and gin to create a natural blue effect in their cocktails.

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