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We all have siblings who steal our food, who sleep on our side of the bed, who always hog the television remote – but no matter how annoying they are, we still can’t live without them.  This Raksha Bandhan, celebrate your special brother-sister bond with something delicious! Confused about what to get for your sibling? Don’t fret! We have few exciting options, which will make the perfect gift for your perfect (or not so perfect) sibling!

The Binge Basket.Is your sibling someone who likes to binge watch their favourite series for as long as their bowl of munchies isn’t over? Then we have the perfect hamper for them! The binge basket hamper is a great gift for the comfort food seeker. We have a little something in this basket for all your sibling’s sweet cravings as well as their savory hunger pangs. With these delicious crackers, crunchy and crispy chips, chocolate coated nuts and indulgent wafer biscuits, you can perk up your sibling’s day instantly.

Price: Rs.1411

The Oh So Sweet! Hamper Is your sibling the typical bitter yet better half of you? Do you two fight on the smallest things but still have each other’s back while facing your parents’ brunt? The Oh So Sweet! Hamper is to celebrate the sweet side hidden under the naughty cloak. Full of chocolatey goodness, it has some crumbly Dark Choco chip Cookies that are bitter on the outside yet sweet on the inside-just like your sibling! It’s the perfect arsenal to satisfy their sweet tooth while getting on their sweet side as well!

Price: Rs.1839

The Choco load Hamper We all know what it is like to be the younger sibling. Always getting bullied by the elder one, never getting the TV remote, always having to share our food with them. But what is life without our elder sibling and their support when we are in need of some quick bucks when we want to borrow their clothes or want them to get us the permission for that weekend getaway? The choco load hamper is made for those siblings who have that balance between crunchy and creamy, savoury and sweet. It consists of Hazelnut & Milk Chocolate, Wafer Biscuit Hazelnut, and Mixed Fruit Dark Choc Bar and everyone’s favourite, Ferrero Rochers! This hamper is certainly every chocolate lover’s dream come true!

Price: Rs.836

The High Tea HamperIs your sibling a total social media junkie? They somehow know all the gossip around the world and though we try to deny it, we love the juicy titbits they sniff out. This High Tea Hamper is especially
handcrafted for the sibling who is the big socialite.  
The ones who love to enjoy their evening cup of high tea over a nice talk. It has some various healthy options such as Eucalyptus Honey and Tea Immunity but also some crispy chips and delicious crackers to indulge in.

Price: Rs.1464

The Healthy Alternatives Hamper Is your sibling the health freak who works out for 2-3 hours a day? Are they the ones constantly putting you on a salad diet and taunting you for being lazy? This Healthy Alternatives Hamper is specially made for those health freaks who are on their A game at all times. We have them covered with some healthy binge snacks like favourite makhanas, some delicious nuts which they can have on the go and digestive teas that will refresh and rejuvenate them.

Price: Rs.2191

The L’Exclusif giftThe L’Exclusif gift is for the exclusive little sibling. An ode to their sweetness. It has their all-time favourite Ferrero Rochers, the rich and addictive L’Exclusif chocolate bar and the deliciously yummy wafer biscuits that we bet they will not get enough of.

Price: Rs.556

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This Raksha Bandhan, sweeten your sibling’s day with this Berry DeliciousIce Cream Shortcake.

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