With winter setting in, fresh berries are available in plenty, and the time has come again, to relish these little juicy explosions of flavour, by themselves, or with a big dollop of cream. Although this classic way of eating berries will never fail to please, we have several exciting suggestions to change it up this winter.

Berries do a lot more than just look pretty and taste delicious; they are also full of fibre, vitamins and anti-oxidants. A fresh, seasonal produce has the highest nutritional value, so load up on fresh berries while you can!

berry pancake

With the holiday season around the corner, everyone is in the mood for luxurious Sunday brunches and indulgent holiday breakfasts. And berries can really brighten up breakfasts. Serve them up as is, add them to your muesli or cereal. Berry stuffed crepes or pancakes are a beautiful way to start the day!

berry salad

While you cannot go wrong with using berries in sweet foods, they also lend themselves very well to savoury dishes. Berry salads are another great way to go. Change up the standard fruit salad with a berry panzanella, a salad with pieces of leftover baguette that soak up the juices of the fruit. Also use berries with savoury vegetables to add some creativity and zing to your salads. Try blueberry with cucumber and feta cheese, or strawberries with aragula and goat cheese.

berry with pork

Berries also add a burst of colour to main courses. Try them with meat dishes. Their characteristic sweet and tart flavours complement white meats such as poultry, as well as certain pink and red meats like ham and pork, beautifully. One delicious way to use berries with meat roasts is to prepare a sticky berry glaze or reduction, and simply drizzle it onto the dish. The meat can even be brushed with the glaze before putting it in the oven to roast, and it will come out with a gorgeous caramelized skin.

berry dessert

Desserts, of course, have endless room for these little gems. Warm berry pies are a sure winner as the cold weather approaches. Whether you top the berries on a custard filled pie tart, or simply fill the tart with a chunky berry coulis, this dessert is sure to leave everyone wanting more!

berry jam

Luscious homemade jams are another fabulous way to harvest the colours and flavours of berries. Jams have universally featured in comfort food, and what’s more, fresh, homemade jams are unmatched in their deliciousness. Imagine spreading some fresh, glistening, ruby red raspberry jam on a slice of warm buttered toast… Not only will these be loved in your own home, but will also make for very elegant personalized gifts during the festive season.

Get adventurous with berries this season, you won’t regret it! 

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