Life is hard and the road is long at the end of which all that remains are the relationships we make and nurture. In the busyness and noise of our times, it is often easy to live on a day-to-day basis. So while yet another celebration manufactured by greeting card companies may seem like a cliché, ask the person being celebrated if it makes a difference. And across the board, people will respond with a cheerful “Yes”.

So this Women’s Day, halt the busy tide, ignore the noise and focus on the women in your life. Maybe you have an aging mother, a wife weary from responsibilities, a sister struggling to achieve her ambitions, a daughter seeking her own identity or even just the girls who support you in friendship. Create a few moments of surprise, introduce them to new experiences, spoil them by handling their tasks and gift them your appreciation and gratitude.


Does the woman in your life enjoy the pleasures of life? Put together a sensory experience for them. Look for, find and play music from the time when she was a young girl. Then have them close their eyes and taste the ingredients you hand to them. Start with mild flavors like a freshly baked brioche, a sip of a Darjeeling tea, a spoonful of single origin honey then move onto stronger flavors like a kumquat, something crunchy like roasted, salted cashews or an almond biscotti, a square of L’Exclusif dark chocolate. Then ask her to open eyes and gift her a hamper of these delicious gourmet treats.

French toast

Or wake up early on Sunday, 8th March and stealthily cook up an indulgent breakfast in bed for her. If you are good with bread, bake her some fresh cinnamon rolls. If not, try making a savoury French toast spiked with some mustard and grated Parmesan. Serve it up with a salad of jewel fruits like pomegranate, cherries, grapes and berries in a lemon juice-honey-pepper dressing. Or if you have two left thumbs in the kitchen, then simply whisk up a cheesy omelette and serve it with sautéed mushrooms or slices of ham. Instead of buying her flowers, put together a light, fresh salad of microgreens and vibrantly coloured, edible flowers with a white wine vinaigrette.

fruit salad

If you live away from her, then offer to order groceries for her. Simply log into our online store, select the essentials, maybe add in a box of chocolate, fragrant coffee beansor exotic tea and allow us to take care of the delivery. She’ll appreciate the thoughtful gesture.

gift hamper

So go on and make the time to show your appreciation and nurture your relationship with the women in your life. You can now also shop at our online Natures Basket website.

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