A day with cheese? Yes please!

If you could eat cheese every day, without having to worry about your health, wouldn’t it be like a dream come true for you? With a wide variety of cheeses from around the world to experiment with, you could make cheese a part of every meal. Depending on the texture, taste & sumptuous pairing options, we have curated a special day for you to spend with cheese!


The most important meal of the day starts with a glass or cup of your favourite beverage, some cereal, and fruits. Eating food that gives you your daily nutrition should be vital because it ensures smooth sailing throughout your day. But not everything that you eat for your health is tasty, except for cheese! Feta and melons are a very common yet exciting pair that can add the sweet and salty to your breakfast! This balanced fruit salad tastes amazing and gives you necessary proteins like Calcium & Vitamin B-12. You could also try some Brie with fruity strawberries & blueberries if you feel
like eating something sweet.


Lunch should be a light meal that satiates your hunger and keeps you fresh. But it can get boring from time to time with the daily food routine you have at your home. So why not innovate and explore with cheese? Try a healthy grilled chicken salad with fresh goat cheese, cherry tomatoes & some rocket leaves. The goat cheese adds a tangy flavour to your salad and enhances the taste of your grilled chicken. Another option could be a pesto pasta with some parmesan sprinkled over it. The shards of parmesan add a fruit and nutty flavour to your pasta, making it even more irresistible!


snack You can control all you like, but an evening snack is inevitable. You might think that eating an evening snack would increase your calorie count, but if you control your eating habits, and have a small meal every 2 to 3 hours, it actually improves your metabolism and keeps you fit. Try some cracker biscuits with cream cheese, a savoury delight that will keep you content till dinner. It is a light yet enjoyable snack that doesn’t need much preparation. You could also try mozzarella toasties with a few slices of tomatoes if you’ve had a very light lunch.


Winner winner, cheese dinner! Dinner is fun because it is generally eaten with the family. But with cheese, your family dinner can get a lot more fun. Cheese just lightens the mood because everybody loves it. Baked vegetables au gratin is a good choice for dinner. A variety of vegetables like broccoli, zucchini, carrots & potatoes with a layer of cheddar cheese over it can elevate everyone’s mood on the table. The veggies are a good source of proteins and the cheddar gives it a sharp taste, taking healthy yet tasty dinner to a whole new level. You could also try a veggie overloaded mozzarella pizza topped with basil.

Now you can say cheese more often and make it a part of your daily diet! Visit a Nature’s Basket store near you or log on to www.naturesbasket.co.in and view our wide variety of artisanal cheeses so that you can satisfy your daily cravings. You can also try out cheese samples, make most of the offers and experience live demos at our stores at the on-going cheese festival #SayCheese till 15th September. For more details please contact your nearest Nature’s Basket store.

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