5 Types Of Milk Your Kids Will Love

Children and milk–a longstanding of crying, intense persuasion and nose pinching.It’s time for you to take control and reunite your kids with the calcium their body needs.
You cannot compromise on milk, nor can you substitute it with something else. So what do you do? Here are five ways you can meet the required milk content in your kid’s diet and be the super parent at the same time.

1. Buttermilk/Chaas

This classic drink made by churning curd is the perfect way to include more dairy in your child’s diet. Make it a tradition to have one glass of this after your meals and you will no longer have to worry about your little one’s calcium intake!

Bring a carton of Chaas home and see your child finish it religiously. Adding just one glass of buttermilk in your child’s everyday diet can boost your little one’s calcium intake by 350 mg. So, when combined with other sources of calcium and nutrition, you can ensure that your kids get their required amount of calcium for the day which is:

•1 to 3 years old—700 mg of calcium daily
•4 to 8 years old—1,000 mg of calcium daily
•9 to 18 years old—1,300 mg of calcium daily

2. Milkshakes And Smoothies

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Nothing will hype up milk for your little ones than milkshakes and smoothies. A favourite cold drink among everyone, it is your golden chance to include all nutrition into one power packed drink as long as it’s yummy! Go crazy with fruits –mangoes, bananas, chikoos, apples, strawberries.

You can also add some nuts and veggies but make sure you cover up the taste. Make your milkshakes and smoothies are colourful and attractive, serve it with a funky straw and you’re bound to get an empty glass back.
Already planning on experimenting with smoothies? We have 4 smoothie recipes for you that are full of fruity goodness! Click here to learn how to make Smoothie 4 Ways.

3. Frozen milk 

The bland taste of boiled milk is a real nightmare for kids. Go for cooler drinks – frozen and mildly flavoured.
You can crush 7-8 ice cubes in a glass of vanilla milk for a perfect summer drink. Alternatively, you can also make homemade milk popsicles!
 To be that super parent in the kitchen, be creative with your dishes and your little ones will relish it within minutes!

4Flavoured Milk

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When just the thought of milk brings a frown to your kid’s face, you will need to up your milk game. The best way to make them drink milk is to make it not taste like milk, at all.

Just add chocolate sauce or strawberry syrup to the milk. You can make it more interesting as well by adding bananas, vanilla, caramel or  Healthy Alternatives almonds.
There are ready-to-drink chocolate milk and strawberry milk available for those quick fixes.

5. Lassi 

Picture Courtesy: Lanuco

This traditional yoghurt based drink could be your kid’s next big favourite if you play your cards right! Depending on the season, you can add fruits like mango, strawberry, saffron, almonds as yummy options that will grab your child’s attention.
You can also find ready-made Indian Lassi to ease your job.

Are you ready to perk up your kid’s glass of milk? Get your ingredients here.
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