5 DIY ideas with Ice Cream

Ice cream is a favourite summer treat bringing sweet moments of relief when the sun beats down. This summer, go beyond eating it straight out of the tub (although that has its meritorious moments). Here are 5 ways to get creative with everyone’s favourite frozen treat!

Candy -licious Ice cream Pops!

These colourful treats ideal to please children and those who are kids at heart! Arrange a few disposable paper cups on a tray. Layer coarsely crushed sandwich cookies or wafer biscuits at the bottom. Top with candy, mini Hershey’s kisses, jelly beans, peanut butter cups – the candy section is your limit! Top with a scoop of runny vanilla ice cream, add a little milk (to fill in the little crevices).  Stick wooden ice cream sticks in and freeze. Tear through the paper cups when serving and let the frozen delights reveal their colorful glory!

Fruity Yogurt Cups

This is an easy to make frozen dessert that can be made ahead of time and served after a leisurely meal. In a transparent shot glass, mug or bowl, arrange ripe, sweet fruit like Alphonso mango or maybe lightly caramelized figs or pineapples. Top this with a scoop of a tart sorbet like raspberry or citrus fruits. Finish off with a layer of creamy frozen yogurt. Garnish with tiny mint leaves.

Italian Ice

Similar in method of preparation & texture to a sorbet or granita, Italian ice is oddly, most popular in the US. It is an excellent vegan and lactose-free alternative to ice cream. Simply blend a juicy fruit like pineapples with sugar and fresh lemon juice. Pour into a shallow, rimmed tray and freeze till just it just begins to set. Then use a fork to scratch the surface into icy crystals and serve in paper cones. Kids in particular will fancy them after a hot morning playing outside.

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Combining two of everyone’s favourite treats; the cookie and ice cream, we love sandwiching chocolate chip cookie with almond praline ice cream or maybe a run-raisin ice cream. Roll the sandwich sides in crushed candied nuts so it sticks to the melting edges. It’s the perfect end to a casual gathering with the buddies.

Crème Brulee Ice Cream

The crackly, bitterly caramelized sugar on top of custard is the inspiration behind the twist to this ice cream dessert. It’s an elegant dessert to bring out at the end of a fancy meal, bound to impress your guests. Place a scoop of the ice cream in a ramekin, top with some brown sugar and using a blow torch caramelize the sugar. Try this technique with flavours like tiramisu, cookies & cream, roasted almond or double chocolate.

Liquor Lollies

Why should kids have all the fun! Here is an idea for adult DIY frozen treats at home. Prepare a sweetened puree of fruits and then spike it with a complementary alcohol like perhaps strawberry and white wine or Champagne. Pour into the lolly moulds with an ice cream stick and freeze. Serve it up in wine glasses or Champagne flutes for a fancy dish at an elegant function. For a more casual, equally potent kick, how about adding tequila, salt and chili powder to mango puree before freezing it? Be sure to make plenty of these as they are absolute crowd-pleasers.

Brownie Sundae

No ice cream dessert list is complete without an extravagant sundae shared with close friends and family. Imagine a spoonful of deeply chocolate-y and fudgy brownie, a rich creamy Vanilla ice cream and topped with the most decadent chocolate sauce and whipped cream.  A treat that can be assembled in a less than 10 minutes but one which can easily make time
slow down.

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