5 Benefits of Eating Olives

Olives are known for their healthy characteristics and versatile applications. This fruit is available in a variety of colours and different tastes. They are used in multiple cuisines and in most of our favourite dishes. They can attain and enhance the flavour of the dishes along with being one of the healthiest in the food range. So let us look at the advantages this Mediterranean delicacy brings to our body.


  1. Olives contain monounsaturated fatty acids also known as oleic acids, that maintain the cholesterol level and lower the risk of heart diseases
  • They hold a compound known as the oleocanthal that possesses anti-inflammatory properties and acts as a natural painkiller. It is highly recommended for those suffering from arthritis
  • Black olives contain Vitamin A that is crucial for fighting against retinal diseases like glaucoma and macular degeneration. One cup of black olives contains up to 10% of the daily recommended intake of the vitamin
  • Being a great source of Vitamin E, the fruit has the ability to stabilize free radicals in the body fat which damages the DNA of the cells and contaminates them, causing cancer
  • Rich in fatty acids and antitoxins that sustain and protect the body, olives are highly functional when it comes to taking care of your appearance. They protect the skin from UV rays that cause skin infections and give out vibrancy to your hair

You’ll be surprised to know that olives are not just used as toppings over food. Below are two delicious dishes made from olives that make a delicious wholesome meal:

  1. Deep-Fried Stuffed Olives

A mouthwatering Spanish appetizer where deep-fried olives are stuffed with balanced components. Dig in to know how to make these delicious deep-fried olives.


The Instructions:

  1. Start by creating cavities on the olives
  2. Keep the stuffing ready. Now, cut the cheese, anchovies, and salami into slices and stuff them into the olive cavities
  3. Toss the olives into the flour plate and roll them
  4. Now, dip them into the container with the beaten eggs and roll them on the bread crumbs. Make sure that olive is completely coated with the breadcrumbs
  5. Pour 2 cm of olive oil in a frying pan for 30 seconds
  6. Fry the olive in batches until they give out a golden and crisp texture
  7. This dish can be accompanied and served with a dip of your choice.

     2.  Mixed olive crostini

This simple Italian finger food will have your taste buds playing with flavours. Read on to make this delicious recipe



  1. In a small bowl mix the ripe olives, chopped stuffed olives, grated parmesan cheese, melted butter, olive oil, and garlic cloves
  2. Stir the mozzarella cheese and parsley well, in a different bowl
  3. Blend the cheese and parsley mix into the bowl along with the olives
  4. Slice the baguette into 24 portions and place on an ungreased baking sheet
  5. Spread the olive mixture evenly on each slice
  6. Broil batches of 4 slices together and heat them for 2-3 minutes till the edges turn light brown and cheese has melted.

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