Famous Foods Around The World

Do you have a love for food and travel? Maybe, your feet are always looking to wander or maybe, you have a peculiar taste for exotic, foreign food.

Whether, you live for sushi or for samosa,hop on to the food express for some fun and flavour from around the globe! Check out these famous foods around on the world that are bound to make your mouth water.

1. Seafood Paella From Spain

Imagine sitting in a quaint little rooftop café in a cozy little corner of Valencia, the horizon in front of your eyes, the sea breeze in your hair, and just then a steaming pot of seafood paella fills your senses with the exquisite smell of succulent mussels, shrimps, lobster and cuttlefish sitting on a bed of rice.

Breathing in the smell of aromatic herbs, oil and salt and you know that you are about to have a taste of heaven. Still there or have you already left for the airport? This is what seafood paella does to you! Just a taste of this Spanish favourite will have your taste buds saying, “Gracias”!

2. Neapolitan Pizza From Italy

This Italian delicacy is sure to steal a pizza of your heart! Who knew that a simple concoction of raw dough, fresh San Marzano tomatoes and mozzarella cheese topped with a few sprigs of basil and olive oil could be so utterly irresistible?

Originally, from Naples, Italy, it is baked for just about 60-90 seconds in a stone oven with wood fire to bring out all those authentic flavours. Trust us, just a single bite of this exotic marvel of a dish can make you go, “mmmmmm”.

3. Massaman Curry From Thailand

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This super- scrumptious southern Thai curry has a lot of influence from India. Both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions rely heavily on dry spices that were once carried to Thailand by early Muslim traders.

Coconut milk, bay leaves, lemongrass and nuts along with other Thai ingredients are the essence of this flavourful, spicy curry. Served over some steaming hot, fragrant rice, it’s the perfect extravagant meal for those long, chilly winter days.

4. Pho Noodle Soup From Vietnam

This hearty Vietnamese noodle dish is so meant pho you! Though, this popular street food from Vietnam seems a simple blend of clear chicken broth, rice noodles and various spices and herbs. But getting the right mix of all those complex flavours calls for some true culinary skills!

To add richness and body to the broth, the bones are shimmered for hours on low heat. The chewy texture of the rice noodles combined with the succulent meats and the crunchy bean sprouts seamlessly mingle together as one. The taste of this noodle dish is sure to remain on your lips pho-ever!

5. Macaroons From France

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Make room for some macaroons! Of all the decadent French pastries, these little colourful delights are our absolute favourite!

A timeless dessert, macaroons are creamy on the inside and soft and crumbly on the outside! They are like velvety cookie sandwiches that are so gobble-some, your taste buds are definitely be craving for more.

The original macaroons were made from ground almonds, coconut, sugar and egg white among other ingredients. Today, they come in so many vibrant colours and delicious flavours, it’s impossible just to have one.

6. Butter Chicken From India

Even the most fervent traveler knows that no places compare to home. And when you dig into a bowl full of hot, spicy butter chicken served with crusty pieces of naan (topped with dollops of butter, of course), it feels exactly like coming home.

You might be into some authentic Chinese cuisine or some subtle Italian flavours, but who can resist this desi favourite? That’s why, butter chicken definitely tops our list of famous foods around the world!

Want to fill up your kitchen with some of these continental flavours? Get your ingredients here.

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