Pizzicotti Amaretti

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Cookies are perhaps the only simple sweet treats that are perfect for any occasion. Now imagine having an Italian twist to these crumbly delights? Chef Antonello Cancedda baked just those in the form of Pizzocotti Amaretti at the Viva Italia event hosted at Godrej Nature’s Basket. These absurdly good, bite-sized treats are great for gifting or even for snacking once in a way. Ready to try it yourself? Here’s Chef Cancedda’s second of the three much-sought after recipes.



Beat egg whites until it turns foamy. In a mixing bowl add almond flour, castor sugar, almond essence and egg whites. Quickly form balls of 20 gms and roll it into the icing sugar. Arrange the little balls in a silk pad and press the upper part with three fingers. Bake the pizzicotti in a conventional oven at 145 C for 20 minutes. Serve pizzicotti with espresso coffee or with dessert wine.

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