Meet sourdough, it is kneaded with love!

Have you met the kind of bread that makes you want more without any guilt? If not, then it’s because you haven’t had sourdough yet! Sourdough bread is patiently made by the natural fermentation and raising power of wild yeast and bacteria; in comparison to your run of the mill, fast-tracked, factory-baked breads that artificially add yeast, additives and other processing aids.

Sourdough is a tangy, dense and nutty bread with a slight sour punch to it, similar to the tartness we taste in yogurt as it has a similar fermenting process and bacteria. Sourdough bread and the way it is made has been handed down to us from our ancestors. We are well aware that anything they say must be right, or at least good for you just like this bread is!

Find all the answers to your questions about this life changer below:

What is sourdough?

What sets sourdough apart from other breads is that it is made from natural occurring yeast and flour bacteria. There are no additional sweetners, oils, milk or yeast. It simply comprises of sourdough starter, salt and flour.

Why is sourdough special?

If you have ever eaten sourdough before, you know it has a taste you cannot easily forget. The tangy taste it gets from its natural fermentation process sets it apart from the other breads you’ve had. And let’s not forget that it is healthier than its counterparts.

What makes sourdough healthy?

To leaven sourdough, natural acids and yeasts are used. The enzymes created by the yeast predigest some of the parts of the grain which can be considered toughest to break down for your belly. This makes the sourdough easier to digest.

The longer time taken for natural yeasts and acids to raise the flour in the bread, breaks down the proteins i.e., gluten down into amino acids. This makes it easily digestible and apt for consumption by gluten intolerant consumers.

Since the natural bacteria in the sourdough eat the starch and sugar present in the grain, they lower the carbohydrate content of the bread. This in turn helps keeping a check on the blood sugar levels. The higher vitamin and mineral content gives it a better nutrient profile.

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