Monday, 25 December 2017

Your Guide to Picking the Best Breads

While the world may be divided between coffee and tea lovers, all of us loaf some well-baked bread (bun intended). Here’s our take on the wide range of L’Exclusif Breads, to help you choose just the right one to begin your mornings with. It’s the yeast we can do for you!

1. L’Exclusif Gluten-Free Multigrain Bread

They say there’s beauty in unity, and we agree. This mix of different grains result in a delicious and super-nutritious bread that is soft, chewy and just too good to miss out on. What’s more? It’s gluten-free! No one should miss out on those healthy whole grains after all.

Enjoy it with your favourite cream cheese or nut-butter spread, or spice it up with fresh veggies, some hummus, and roasted red peppers for a wholesome sandwich.

What’s Inside?

• Gluten-free flour
• Baking Powder
Bread improver
Sunflower Oil
Sesame seeds
Flax seeds

Nutritional Value [Per 100 g.]

Protein – 10.5g
Carbohydrates – 49.33g
Energy – 288.83kcal
Fat – 5.5g
Added sugar – 5.3g

2. L’Exclusif – Focaccia


Winter season calls for steaming hot soup and along with it some scrumptious focaccia bread. For the days when you want something appetizing and flavourful but still want to keep it simple, focaccia is your go-to bread.

Have it as a party snack by serving it with some Green Pesto or your choice of a creamy dip. It also works really well as a sandwich bread when paired up with fresh basil, sliced tomatoes, a drizzle of Healthy Alternatives – Pure Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Reduction.

What’s Inside?

• Wheat
Iodised salt
Wheat gluten
Bread improver

Nutritional Value

Protein – 7.79g
Carbohydrates – 30.81g
Energy – 259kcal
Fat – 11.61g
Crude Fibre 0.41g
Added Sugar - Nil

3. L’Exclusif Banana Bread


This bread is what the gods probably prefer to eat. It’s the perfect combination of tasty and healthy with that moist, sweet feel and the flavour of bananas.

Relish it by itself or with your morning and afternoon tea/coffee – whatever you have it with, it’s definitely going to keep you craving for more. Host a high-tea party and all you’ll need is a loaf of this delicious bread to keep your guests happy!

What’s Inside?

Oat flour
Vanilla extracts

Nutritional Value

Protein – 3.0g
Carbohydrates – 27.0g
Energy – 170kcal
Fat – 6.0g
Iron – 2%
Calcium – 2%

4. L’Exclusif Rye Bread


This one’s for our health freaks and the gym-lovers. Never has something so healthy tasted so good! One bite of it and you’ll fall in love with its sharp, tangy taste. Don’t be fooled by its hard crust – it’s super soft and delicious on the inside.

Because of its sour taste, it goes amazingly with hard cheese, smoked meats and cold cuts. Add some spices like fennel, coriander, caraway, etc. to bring out that additional depth of its taste and we promise you, you’ll never look away from this bread again.

What’s Inside?

• Rye flour
Iodised salt
Wheat gluten
Bread improver
Vegetable fat
White & Black sesame seeds
Pumpkin seeds

Nutritional Value

Protein – 10.31g
Carbohydrates – 51.94g
Energy – 353kcal
Fat – 11.56g
Crude Fibre – 0.60g
Added Sugar – Nil

Are you tempted to get your hands on one of these exquisite breads? Head to our online store or go to your nearest Nature’s Basket store and grab your favourite L’Exclusif Bread now!

With great breads comes the need for great spreads! Check out our guide to the best nut butters to choose the ideal spread for your breads!


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