Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Organic Chocolates - The Healthy Way To Indulge

We have all heard about the aphrodisiac effects of chocolates and that dark chocolate is so much better for you than milk chocolate. Well, the word on the street these days is that there’s a bigger player in the candy world A.K.A organic chocolate. Wondering what the big deal is about going organic with your favourite comfort food? Don't worry, sit back and relax, because we have got all the answers right here.

1. The Full Scoop About Organic Chocolates

First things first, let’s get our facts right here. So, what exactly is organic chocolate made of? Cocoa beans straight from heaven? Not quite, though close enough. Organic chocolates are made from cocoa beans that have not been treated with any synthesized fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides but it doesn’t stop there. True organic chocolates are made of everything organic whether it’s milk, nuts, fruit, spices or cocoa butter.

2. Organic Chocolates Vs. Regular Chocolates

Let’s get to the real question, now. Does it really make that much of a difference whether your guilty pleasure snack is organic or not? Well, here’s a news flash for you. Conventionally grown cocoa has the second highest use of pesticides outside of commercial non-organic cotton. Not to mention that non-organic chocolates block the antioxidant and health benefits of chocolates as they are full of dairy, sugar, fat, wax, chemicals. So, which one would you prefer?

3. Health Benefits of Organic Chocolate

An organic chocolate bar contains as many antioxidants as a glass of red wine. It can help to lower blood pressure and contains very little caffeine. It also contains a high level of magnesium which can help your heart. Though, that doesn’t mean that you can go all out on them. Remember, moderation is key. Swap regular chocolate for organic dark chocolate or organic milk chocolate in those sinfully delicious baked goods and uplift the health quotient of your desserts!

4. Organic Chocolate Flavours You Must Try

Bite into these organic chocolates for some sinfully good fun! For a smooth and nutty texture, try the L’Exclusif Rose Almond Dark Chocolate. Get a zesty blast of flavours with the L’Exclusif Sea Salt Dark Chocolate or go all out on cocoa with the L’Exclusif 72% Dark Chocolate. Give your taste buds a fruity surpire with the L’Excusif Blueberry Walnut Dark Chocolate or refresh your palette with the tangy taste of the L’exclusif Lemon Ginger Dark Chocolate. So, which one do you crave?

Ready for some healthy indulgence with organic chocolates? Get your ingredients here at Nature’s Basket.

Wondering how to experiment with organic chocolates? Try these 7 Ingredient Divine Paleo Truffles with an organic chocolate twist!

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