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All day daily bread

Breads are one of most fuss-free and versatile foods we have. The large variety available ensures that we have ample options to choose from for any time of day. Some breads are enjoyed fresh with a cup of your morning coffee while others make for a great quick on-the-go lunch sandwich. Ever wondered on the many ways you can relish breads everyday? Read on to know more.

types of breads

Breakfast with bread
Start your day with a whole wheat toast topped with creamy peanut butter, banana slices, crunchy granola and a drizzle of Healthy Alternatives honey. If you wish to go the savoury route, spread some hummus and top it with some boiled edamame with a sprinkle of salt and pepper.

breakfast with bread ideas

In recent years, whole wheat or brown bread as some call it has been in vogue. Made with significant portions of the wheat grain, it makes for a healthier option. It is also is less processed and contains all parts of the grain providing more fibre and nourishment making it a great way to start your day.

Lunching the Sourdough style
Running short on time in the morning to pack some home-made lunch? Skip your regular sandwich and opt for a healthy Sourdough BLT sandwich. Toast sourdough with a little butter. Add some fresh and succulent lettuce, juicy tomatoes and our preservative free bacon. We are sure this sandwich is going to steal your heart. To make it a little more fun in your little one’s lunchbox, spread a dollop of cream cheese and always get an empty lunchbox back!

healthy Sourdough BLT sandwich

What sets sourdough apart from other breads is that it is made from naturally occurring yeast and flour bacteria. There are no additional sweeteners, oils, milk or yeast. To leaven sourdough, natural acids and yeasts are used. The enzymes created by the yeast predigest some of the parts of the grain which can be considered toughest to break down for your belly. This makes the sourdough easier to digest.

Gluten free high tea
Live up to the British culture of high tea but with a healthy twist! Make the perfect high tea tiered bread cake with our gluten free range of breads. Not only is this delicious, but also very healthy. All you need to do is, cut small circles of our gluten free bread and layer it with mascarpone cheese and jam alternatively with strawberries. Stack it up and keep with a skewer to keep in place. Voila! We have pretty desserts to satisfy our sweet tooth made in a giffy!

Gluten free bread

Still not sure what gluten is? Gluten, a mixture of two proteins found in grains, especially wheat, has been infamously in the limelight. Gluten intolerance is a new age issue diagnosed to many. It is gluten in breads that gives it the elastic texture. Gluten is tolerant to most people, however, people with celiac disease cannot digest this protein, thus need to consume gluten free foods. Being easier to digest, gluten free breads are an alternative for gluten tolerants also.

Multigrain dinner date
Why end with one when you can end with many? We are talking about the nutrition you get from breads! End the day with multigrain bruschetta paired with your dinner pasta. Toast the multigrain bread to perfection. Alongside dice tomatoes and mix them with olive oil and Italian seasoning. Mix the tomatoes well and place on the multigrain toasts. Garnish with basil and enjoy your dinner!

multigrain bruschetta

Multigrain breads are breads made of two or more types of grain. These include barley, flax, millets, oats, quinoa, pumpkin seeds and sunflowers seeds in addition to wheat and flour. These have crunchier exterior and are delicious for various pairings. Thus bring an end to the day by replenishing your body with multigrain goodness.

Party Pita bread
Make the perfect party starter with pairing hummus and dips with baked pita bread. Cut open a pita from the middle and stuff with veggies and falafel balls to make a falafel pocket, Or serve wraps with marinated paneer/chicken.

Party Pita bread

From the lands of middle east, pita is a soft, leavened flatbread which is eaten in combinations with various dips. Pita can be had in various ways and can be used as a pocket, a wrap, a flatbread, and can be toasted or fried or baked!

Breads that are better
At Nature’s Basket we bring you bromate free breads that you can adopt in your daily diet.
Potassium bromate, or bromate, is a white salt used as a flour improver which strengthens the dough and allows it to rise higher. However, it is can have adverse effects if eaten frequently. To ensure your health and wellbeing, we ensure all our breads are bromate free.

bromate free breads

Explore our range of breads right from gluten and bromate free to multigrain, sourdough and baguettes. Shop online or look for the nearest store on

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