Thursday, 30 March 2017

As cool as a cucumber

Cucumber, kheera, kakadi, kakdi, kakkarikkari or tar. No matter what name you address it with, cucumber is a summer essential for all of us. With 95% water content and low calorie count, cucumber makes for a great choice to keep your body hydrated and is a good addition in a weight loss plan. It’s benefits go way beyond cooling:

•Revitalizes skin
•Reduces dark circles
•Reduces Hairfall
•Aids digestion
•Cures hangovers
•Strengthens bones
•Aids in weight loss

It can be enjoyed in salads, juices, sandwiches or infused waters. Here are a few options below to include this in your diet.

Cucumber Salad

Cucumber Salad

•2 large cucumbers, sliced
•1/4 cup red onion, sliced
•1/4 cup greek yogurt (or sour cream or mayo or combination)
•1 lemon, juice and zest (or 1/4 cup white vinegar)
•2 tablespoons dill, chopped
•salt and pepper to taste
•1 clove garlic, grated (optional)


Mix all ingredients in a large bowl and serve chilled!
Cucumber and Tuna Sandwich

Cucumber and Tuna Sandwich

•8 slices of wholemeal bread
•Butter/ cream cheese spread
•400 g tinned tuna, drained
•4 tbsp mayonnaise
•half a cucumber, washed and sliced
•200 g carrots, washed, peeled and cut into batons

1.Spread butter/ cream cheese of your choice on the bread slices.
2.Mash drained tuna with mayonnaise and spread on 4 of the slices.
3.Top the slices with cucumber, carrot batons and red grape slices.
4.Cut and serve!
Watermelon and Cucumber Cooler

Watermelon and Cucumber Cooler
•½ watermelon cut into large pieces (roughly 4.5 lbs)
•¼ C. honey
•¼ cucumber peeled
•½ C. mint
•2 limes
•Club soda

1.Top crushed ice with muddled mint in glasses.
2.In a blender add watermelon, honey, cucumber and blend until smooth.
3.Pour the mix into glass and fill ⅔ of the way
4.Squeeze juice from half of lime into each glass
5.Top with a bit of club soda, stir and enjoy!

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