Sunday, 25 December 2016

Know Your Chicken

Unsure about how to store, cook and clean chicken? Here’s a few simple tips to help you know your chicken.

Storage & Preparation:  

•Use moisture proof pouches or bags to freeze chicken.
•Always mark the pouches with the date of freezing.
•Freeze fresh chicken immediately to keep it fresh.
•Fresh chicken should be stored in the refrigerator at 5°C or lower. It should be used within two days of the date on the package and if it is not going to be used within that time, it should be frozen.
•Never thaw chicken at room temperature. Keep the chicken in a bowl of water with the pouch intact and keep changing the water after 30 mins or you could put it in the fridge for defrosting.
•Wash the chicken with filtered water.
•The best way to remove chicken fat is to trim the visible fat with your hands.
•Marinate the chicken with your hands and then put it in a zip lock bag to refrigerate for 6-8 hours.

Chicken Preparations

How To Cook Chicken:

These are some valuable tips that could come in handy while cooking chicken.

•Cooked chicken should never be pink on the inside. Always check the temperature of  the meat. It is safe to eat if the internal temperature is approximately 75 degrees.
•If you are cooking a whole chicken, slice a part of the chicken thigh to check if it is cooked, since it is the thickest part of the chicken and takes maximum time to cook.
•If you are reheating cooked chicken, make sure the chicken is piping hot throughout. This is especially important if you are reheating it in a microwave, which doesn't always cook evenly.

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