Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Last minute party Appetizers

It’s always good to hear when an impromptu party plan is made at your place. But it’s very scary if you have nothing made at home to serve your guests. These last minute party recipes listed below will make everyone coming home, happy and make you feel like the perfect host.


Greek salad skewers


1/4 English cucumber, cut into four 1/2 inch thick diagonal slices
8 pitted olives, cut in half
8 grape tomatoes, halved
2tablespoons Healthy Alternatives extra virgin olive oil
100gms feta cheese, cut into 16 cubes
Freshly ground black pepper
16 toothpicks


Make sure the cucumber is sliced evenly.
Thread each toothpick with an olive, feta cheese, tomato and the cucumber piece
Keep the skewers on the serving dish and drizzle them with some extra-virgin olive oil
Sprinkle some pepper over the dish and serve it fresh.


Brie on Bread


·         BOBs (aka Brie On Bread)
·         Baguette, sliced
·         Brie, sliced
·         Garlic Salt
·         Fresh pepper

1.      Place the brie on bread pieces and sprinkle it with salt, pepper and garlic.
2.      Broil on a baking sheet until the cheese starts bubbling and turns brown.
3.      To make this even better you can use a bit of fresh garlic flavored olive oil and then sprinkle a bit of salt and pepper. Your brie on bread is ready to be served hot and cheesy.


Fast and fabulous Feta spread

  1. Make sure feta and cream cheese are at room temperature.
  2. Now stir them together until smooth and combined
  3. Serve with crackers, chips, tortillas, pretzels or jalapeno/olives
  4. Make sure you serve the leftovers properly in an airtight container and use it before it gets expired.
Hummus Guacamole Dip

Hummus Guacamole Dip


·         Two 350gms of Guacamole
·         1 Pint of Hummus w/roasted garlic
·         1 15.5oz can black beans
·         Chunky mild/medium salsa

Make sure you mix with your hands and chill. Serve with nacho, tortilla or whatever chips you prefer.

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