Thursday, 7 August 2014

Raksha Bandhan Celebrations

While sibling relationships are to be treasured daily all year round, having a special reason to celebrate them is wonderful. And that’s what Raksha Bandhan is all about. A season to cherish one’s siblings, celebrate familial love and strengthen commitments to one’s brothers and sisters. It is a festive occasion with sisters playfully teasing brothers, adults laughing and relaxing while eating rich traditional food. The tying of the rakhi bands and presenting of the gifts are the highlights of this festival with plenty of attention on the gift.

For this special occasion, Godrej Nature’s Basket has curated a range of gift hampers full of exotic, indulgent treats. Take a stroll through the store, wander through the cheese aisle, pick from the international grocery shelves and assemble a personalized gourmet hamper for your sibling based on what he/she will love. We have some of the most decadent chocolate offerings to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with; from immaculate white to sinfully dark chocolate, from cocoa truffles to alluring slabs of nougat and praline. Or use chocolate to transform a traditional recipe into something spectacular for your brother or sister this Raksha Bandhan. Think chocolate chilli kheer or aromatic roasted coffee and walnut parathas; surprise your sibling with your ingenuity!

Festivals are all about embracing traditions but they are also about adding a unique, personal flavour to them to create new and unforgettable memories. Twist a traditional recipe using our gourmet products sourced from all over the world. Give traditional Rakhi recipes a signature touch making them into wonderful new dishes. For instance, a halwa can be enriched with exotic red sultanas and slivers of dried papaya and pineapple instead of plain raisins. A kheer can be given a fabulous twist with poached peaches and pine nuts scattered over it. Or swirl some L’Exclusif fruit preserve or a Monin syrup through a favourite mousse recipe. Play around with the sizzling chocolate brownie by adding some desiccated coconut to the batter and serve it a la mode with pistachio mousse instead of ice cream.

Sometimes life has a way of disrupting the best laid plans; scuttling the plan for a home cooked meal. Don’t let that stop you from enjoying the time with your loved ones. Go to our online store and choose from our extensive Party Menu for a premium catered meal. Celebrate Raksha Bandhan with dolce and order delectable desserts like Tiramisu, Parfaits, Panna Cotta, Red Velvet dessert in a Jar and Lemon Curd Tart and spend some time with your siblings over these sweet treats. Or recount childhood memories and bond with your brother or sister over a shared cheese platter with matching wines.

So go on and shower your sibling with love and make the most of the time together. Happy Raksha Bandhan!

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