Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Trending Now: Organic Foods

Whether it's because of concern over food safety, ecological damage, or simply a desire to eat fresher, less processed foods, more and more food shoppers are buying organic these days. This food trend definitely inspires hope and encouragement. For in the mere act of purchasing an organic product, a whole philosophy of living comes into play, not just nutritionally but also environmentally. The organic movement supports an entire economy of agriculture, ecological preservation, farmers and best of all ensures a chemical-free diet.

And the great news for Organic Food lovers is that the entire gamut of organic ingredients available now is amazing. Natures Basket is proud to offer an extensive range of offerings from fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs to dry pulses, spices, oils, flours, juices and ready to eat snacks.
In addition to stocking a variety of products from smaller producers, Nature’s Basket also support and partner with Conscious Foods and 24 Letter Mantra; two large producers of organic ingredients. Here are a few ideas from us for new and wonderful things you can do with organic produce.

Fruit is so delicious just by itself, isn't it? When it is organic, it becomes even more so! Studies say that it is advisable to consume organic options in any fruit that is eaten with the skin on such as green apples, pears, grapes and chikoos as the skins tend to be a repository for pesticides. Organic fruit can add wholesome goodness to any meal from breakfast to dinner. Dice it into a fresh fruit salsa to top morning cereal bowls or porridge. Slice up some fruit for a quick snack. Chop organic fruit into wedges to make a fruit platter of fruit salad and drizzle with a little of one of our organic honeys to dress it up for a light and wonderful dessert. Skewer chunks onto satay sticks and serve with a sweet sauce for a fruit fondue.
Vegetables are so important at any meal. They add taste, colour, texture and invaluable nutrients to a meal. Which is why only the freshest ones will do! To increase the overall flavour and nutritional value of the dish, pick organic, unsprayed veggies. Especially important in salads where they consumed raw, organic leaves retain their crunch and freshness making for a delicious meal. Try tossing torn arugula with sweet pear slices, crumbled walnuts, and shaved parmesan in freshly whisked vinaigrette for a great organic salad. Or prepare dinner by quickly slicing bell peppers, onions, red cabbage and carrots and stir frying them in a seasoning of garlic and bird’s eye chilli in toasted sesame oil.

Essential to making all food, organic or not, come together deliciously are salt spices and herbs. Tiny in size but intense in flavour, organic spices are naturally free from nasty, chemical additives. Enjoy the hit of black pepper in a Chicken peppery soup or brew some spiced mulled wine to keep yourself warm. Chop and mix parsley and coriander with ricotta cheese and bake in puff pastry for a herby treat. Pound basil leaves with garlic and olive oil to make your own pesto. Or if you find yourself coming down with a cough, warm some milk with a teaspoon of pure, unadulterated turmeric powder and drink for a DIY, instant relief.

Pantry staples like pulses, flours, flavoured oils, breakfast cereals are invaluable in the kitchen. Opt for organic options for more taste, flavour and nutrition.  Try a bowl full of amaranth muesli with wild forest honey or pressure cook a millet and brown rice combo in an onion, celery, carrot base for a filling dish of savoury porridge. Stock up on essentials like organic rice, gram dals, jaggery, peanuts or flours like soya, ragi, barley, wheat to ensure a holistic organic diet. Incorporate organic superfoods like alfa alfa, goji berries, chia seeds, flax seeds and other seed mixes into daily meals to get your daily vitamin requirements.

So, go ahead and stock up on all the goodness of organic food from our shelves. Your bodies and the environment will be better for it.

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