Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Cakes and Bakes Festival at Nature's Basket

The Natures Basket Cakes and Bakes festival kicks off today! Just as the first nip of winter is in the 
air in Mumbai today! Even though the thermometer may not reflect it yet, in some parts of India,
November comes with the promise of cooler weather and the Christmas around the corner. It is
the season for baking. Baking is about the joy of taking turning plain and boring ingredients; eggs, flour, 
butter and making them into something lush and amazing. And Baking can be very satisfying. 
Requiring one to put in the effort of beating, whipping and mixing, but watching the cake slowly 
cook and darken to a beautiful gold is incredibly gratifying.
And Baking need not be saved for Festive dishes alone. It can also provide an apt solution for 
everyday cooking. It is a very healthy cooking medium that can provide quick and healthy solutions 
to daily cooking as well as for festive occasions. Think spice infused savoury casseroles and melty 
cheesy baked Pastas. Baking is so appropriate to the season, but needn't all be rich and heavy. 
Roasting and Grilling of meats have proved to be healthier ways of cooking. All of these simple 
treats added a little homey comfort after a long gruelling day at school or at the computer.
And to make things even more delicious there are a number of specials on baking products through 
this month. Make maximum use of your oven and use our wonderful easy to use ingredients to make 
the perfect dishes. Join us to savour some freshly baked treats this season.
We have also lined up a series of fabulous interactions with our consultants Rushina Munshaw 

Ghildiyal and Kishi Arora and chefs from superlative restaurants such as Flip Bistro, Olive Bar &
Kitchen, Courtyard Marriott Pune and the Taj Deccan in Hyderabad. Do come and take full 
advantage of the opportunity to learn from them. And to support all of this inspiration we are sending
your way, we have been working hard to stock up our shelves with ingredients to play with in the 
season of baking. Whether you are a novice baker or an expert, whether you like savoury bakes or
sweet cakes, whatever you are looking for, from ready pastas like lasagne and cannelloni, ready 
rolled phyllo pastry to all sorts of filling ideas for all of these including baking sauces, ready quiche 
shells waiting for savoury and sweet filling and a little grilling, ready cake and puddings, icing, 
decorative sprinkles, baking molds for you to celebrate the season with. And our patrons with 
special dietary requirements need not feel deprived; we also offer alternative flours (gluten free flour)
and fats like olive oil butter and egg replacer for vegans.  You will find everything you need to make 
daily and festive meals delicious and interesting! Pop the cork on a robust red wine, add a green 
salad to the table and enjoy the warmth of aromatic spices that will keep the nip of cold evenings at 
Baking is an exact science to a certain extent but one can go wrong if one is not careful. Here are 
a few tips to ensuring Baking Success from our Natures Basket Consultant Rushina Munshaw 
Ghildiyal who will be demonstrating some delicious recipes in Bangalore and Hyderabad this week. 
Want to learn more? Come and meet her!

# 1: Read the recipe. Ensure you have all of the ingredients you need and walk yourself through 

the recipe instructions. This will alert you to any timing issues.
Step 2: Assemble the ingredients according to your recipe, measuring them out and laying them in 

order of requirement.
Step 3: Assemble the pans and utensils you will need, including cooling racks and parchment or 

waxed paper, if the recipe calls for them.
Step 4: As you measure ingredients like flour, salt, milk, etc. out of the packages, ensure you put

the packages away.
Step 5: Prepare and measure out ingredients that need chopping, toasting, peeling, grating, zesting,

Step 6: Reread recipe.
Step 7: Adjust oven shelves, prepare pans and preheat your oven.
Step 8: Combine ingredients according to recipe instructions.
Step 9: Place baked goods in oven. Set timer.
Step 10: Clean up the kitchen while food bakes.