Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A Hint of Mint

Nature's Basket now carries an exotic assortment of flavoured mints by Trikaya. These mints are known for their medicinal uses and add a whole new world of flavour in your salads, teas, desserts or flavoured oils. Visit your nearest Godrej Nature's Basket Store and grab these scented mints. Here are a few ways to use these special herbs:

Applemint -

  • An attractive herb, apple mint is often used as an ornamental plant.

  • Apart from using fresh leaves as an attractive garnish, Chopped fresh leaves can be used to to add zest to sweet or tangy dishes.

  • It combines well with allspice, bay leaves, mint, pepper, rosemary and thyme.

  • Fresh herbs with essential oils, however, are less potent and should be added at the end of cooking.

  • A wonderful addition to fruit salads, green salads, herb butters, fruit drinks, sorbets.

  • It can also be used in egg dishes, custards, soups and casseroles.

  • It works well in stuffings for poultry,lamb or pork. Its subtle flavour is a perfect for sauces and marinades for fish.

  • The leaves of this plant can be used to make apple mint jelly, as well as a flavoring in dishes such as apple mint couscous.

  • It is also often used to make a mint tea, as a garnish, or in salads.

Lemon/Lime Balm

  • The leaves have a gentle lemon scent, related to mint.

  • The crushed leaves, when rubbed on the skin, are used as a repellant for mosquitos.

  • Lemon balm is also used medicinally as a herbal tea, or in extract form. It is claimed to have antibacterial and antiviral properties.

  • Lemon balm can be used as a flavouring in ice cream and herbal teas, both hot and iced, often in combination with other herbs such as spearmint.

  • It can be paired with fruit dishes or candies.

  • It can be used in fish dishes and is the key ingredient in lemon balm pesto


  • Spearmint leaves can be used whole, chopped, dried and ground, frozen, preserved in salt, sugar, sugar syrup, alcohol, oil, or dried.

  • A strong flavor, they are used in salads or added to cooked foods.

  • A medicinal herb tea made from the fresh or dried leaves has a very pleasant and refreshing taste, leaving the mouth and digestive system feeling clean.

  • Also great for mint jelly, an old favorite.

  • Spearmint is an ingredient in several mixed drinks, such as the mojito and mint julep.

  • It is used as a flavoring for toothpaste and confectionery, and is sometimes added to shampoos and soaps.

  • Spearmint is steeped as tea for the treatment of stomach ache.